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For Diabetics with Meters and Computers


  1. Project Continuation
    12 May, 2018
    Project Continuation
    Please see the well-know coding site, "github" for further details on software help for managing diabetes. Please visit https://github.com/xformbykr/injectControl There is an overlap in the content of these two sites.  Hopefully developers will be able to download and use scripts and commands for setting up, storing and analyzing data collected via a CGM. Even though I have an FB account, I have not been able to add comments on this work (e.g., "Nice Job!).  This is regrettable.
  2. Record INSULIN Injections and CARBS Consumption into Your CGM
    11 Mar, 2018
    Record INSULIN Injections and CARBS Consumption into Your CGM
    The Dexcom G4 CGM is good for more than just minute-by-minute monitoring blood glucose. Diabetics must balance their insulin doses and consumed carbohydrates in order to maintain their blood glucose levels. Consuming carbohydrates will drive blood glucose up, and taking insulin will drive blood glucose down. They need records of both carbohydrates consumed and insulin doses to be compared to the glucose levels, to guide future consumption and doses. In addition to reading your blood glucose